Spacex Residency

 28 September - 7 November


As part of my residency at Spacex I will be setting up Preston Street Union - PSU an affiliation of artists from in and around Exeter that will come together over a five week period to explore collaboration as a strategy for artists making things and making things happen. PSU will draw on and extend elements from my previous project Cannon Hill Art School, and reference the work of influential artist and educator Josef Albers.


Five sessions will be convened to explore collaborative ways of making and making things happen via artist talks, screenings, Skype talks, group crits and workshops. The final session will give PSU associates the chance to take over the Spacex building and present the result of a collaborative project devised at the start of the programme.


I have invited artists I’ve previously collaborated with to be guest speakers, Juneau Projects, Clare Thornton, Cathy Wade and Emily Warner will also be leading activities.


PSU associates will also have access to Cannon Art School lectures and library that will be installed at Spacex during the residency 6 October to 6 November.


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