A view from the Northern Slopes by Gina Lundy

The Knitting Salon

Trevor Pitt + Kate Pemberton



Arnolfini, Bristol, UK

12 December 2009 - 14 February 2010


The Knitting Salon is a project by Trevor Pitt and Kate Pemberton that promotes the sharing of knitting skills via the use of a specially designed mobile salon, comprising of 8 Salon Benches that are currently being made by knitting groups throughout the UK.

For Craftivism, The Knitting Salon project is represented in the gallery exhibition by Salon Bench Knowle West made by Pitt in collaboration with local knitters and spinners and a Salon Trolley made by Pemberton. Together they are offered to visitors as a platform for sharing knitting skills and conversations. Visitors can book appointments with an experienced knitter on 9, 23 and 30 January via the Arnolfini box office 01179 172300.  http://www.arnolfini.org.uk/whatson/events/details/585

On 23 January 10am - 4pm the Salon Bench Knowle West and Salon Trolley will be relocated to The Galleries Mall, Bristol for The Knitting Salon's inaugural public event. The event will feature 8 benches that will be animated by local knitters who will be offering to share they knitting skills with the public. Appointments can be made in advance via the Arnolfini box office 01179 172300. http://www.arnolfini.org.uk/whatson/events/details/587

Images of the event taken by Sara Anthony-Boon http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=185720&id=670945398&l=a5fef23df5

Salon Bench Knowle West has been produced through a collaborative process led by Trevor Pitt with local knitters: Jean Bell, Lin Taylor, Sandra Manson, Mary Williams, Jacqueline Saunders, Lesley Belgium, Carmen Lord, Mabs Ball, Irene Luxton, Eunice Cox, Misty Tunks, Storm Hawthorne, Peter Chapman, Adele Watt, Michaela Macrae Simpson, Gina Lundy, Brenda Oakes and Beryl Hall. The yarn has been hand spun by Alison Haggas from a flock of Jacob sheep herded by Pauline Hicks on her smallholding in Cossington, Somerset. The fleeces were washed and carded at Wooly Shepherd, Blagdon Hill, Devon by Valerie Grainger and Penny Bowden and felted by Carolyn Morton. The name labels were machine embroidered by Jamie Warren (VSM UK Ltd) and Kate Pemberton using the Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond.

Other Salon Benches are being made in Northampton, Milton Keynes, London, Newcastle, Talgarth, Devon and Birmingham.

Craftivism is an Arnolfini/Relational contemporary art project.




Design and construction of The Knitting Salon is produced in association with Craftspace.