Salon Bench Newcastle-Gateshead, 2010

Joss Wrigg + local knitters, felters and spinners 


Salon Bench Newcastle-Gateshead is being produced through a collaborative process led by Joss Wrigg with local knitters, felters and spinners.


The group are using Jacob Fleece from the flock managed by Claire Gibson at Bill Quay Farm, Gateshead, a recognised Rare Breeds Centre. These have been donated by the farm's manager Douglas Tuck. 


The fleece is for the yarn is being hand spun 'in the grease' by Chris Tate and Caroline Smith who are then washing the skiens to clean and soften the yarn while leaving a trace of lanolin in to maintain waterproofing. 


The fleece for felting is being prepared by Joss Wrigg and painstakingly needle-felted by hand for over seven days by Joss and Amy Spedding. The fleece will be used to felt raw as well as washed and carded/blended to show a variety of felting finishes/techniques. 


Bill Quay Farm hosted a Salon Bench making day on Sat. 22nd May from 11am til 4pm where everyone was felting, knitting and spinning away! This session gave other knitters from Shipley and RBST the opportunity to get involved. 


Joss was also at the farm on shearing day, 6 June, to get more fleece for felting straight off the sheep! 


Two other community groups of knitters and felters are producing work for the Bench at the North Tyneside Art Studio & the Newcastle and Gateshead Art Studio. Both studios promote wellbeing through creativity predominatley for people with mental health difficulties. 


The finished Salon Bench Newcastle-Gateshead will be exhibited at The Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead as part of their Summer exhibition Craftivism; Objects to Change the World from 10 July to 7 November 2010