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Casting Call

5 actors for YARNING


Trevor Pitt is looking for 5 very strong female actors, confident with text and experienced at script development to work with him on a new show, YARNING. This is Trevor’s first play and he is working with amazing team of theatre practitioners to push for something extraordinary.


Auditions will take place on two dates:

•    Monday 22 February in Birmingham

•    Wednesday 24 February in London


Full Details


mac birmingham

Foyle Studio


7 April, 7.30

tickets £7 / £5.50


Taking a road trip across the UK, Trevor Pitt collected remarkable stories from women about their lifelong relationship with wool - knitting, spinning, felting and weaving. Through spoken word, music, image and sound, their fascinating yarns will be told on a flock of knitted benches made by groups in different parts of the country.